SENSE TEXTILE develops and manufactures adaptive textile products for use at home and in care. Our textile innovations provide solutions for skin and difficulty sleeping. We manufacture a unique and comfortable bedding that feels soft and comfortable; it adapts perfectly to skin and body contours and supports bed care.

SENSE TEXTILE has a medical- and consumer product line.

We carry two brands: SKINCAIR en SENSAIR.

To maintain a healthy skin, only the best is good enough. Therefore, we strive for excellence: to complete multifunctional systems that offer consumers, clients and caring staff many advantages.

Our textile innovations:

  • regulate the microclimate,
  • improve the condition of the skin,
  • Reduce and distribute pressure,
  • reduce friction and shear.

They are three-dimensional bedsheets. The softness and moisture management and breathability of our products does the skin well. In addition, it increases the smoothness and elasticity to move in bed with ease.

We acknowledge the importance of a healthy skin for you wellbeing.
That’s why SENSE TEXTILE manufactures smart textile for comfort and health.