SENSE TEXTILE has developed an innovative 3D-bedsheet.

The textile technology behind our innovations is very sophisticated. The soft, smooth, springy, elastic and open pore material incorporates all kinds of smart technologies. Therefore, SENSE TEXTILE’s three-dimensional material obtains a very detailed structure and is multifunctional.

Thanks to the three-dimensional texture of the finely knitted bedding SENSE TEXTILE creates a unique, ventilating intermediate layer that causes body fluid to evaporate faster and provides cooling when moving in bed. Besides its moisture regulating and ventilating function, the upper side of the knitted 3D structure also provides skin softness and smoothness, pressure reduction and also proper suspension.

The structure combines various properties such that the bedding:
1. controls the skin’s microclimate (temperature and humidity);
2. gives minimal friction and shear on skin and body;
3. reduces the pressure on the body and distributes the pressure more evenly.

Our products offer good solutions for skin comfort- and sleep problems. Health and comfort are central to our product choices.

The advantages of the complete system in a row:

  • Reduces and distributes the pressure
  • Regulates the microclimate
  • Keeps the skin dry and protected
  • Reduces friction and shear
  • Increases the ease to move
  • Feels like a second skin
  • Brings sleep comfort
  • Reduces sleep discomfort
  • Relieves the strain on medical personnel

Thus also for the bedridden, less mobile and people that are suffering from bad sleep due to medical or bodily discomforts, we’ve created a unique bed textile.