What is Sensair?

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SENSAIR is smart, very sophisticated bedding for better sleep, luxury, wellness and comfort. It offers solutions for skin and sleep problems.

SENSAIR promises you a good night’s sleep.

People using the comfortable microclimate fitted sheet:

  • sleep better,
  • turn smoother,
  • are less stiff,
  • step in and out of bed easily,
  • are better rested,
  • suffer less from skin roughness and skin irritations.

The sophisticated textile was developed to reduce discomforts that may disrupt sleep.

SENSAIR is soft and smooth at the same time, it’s springy, it’s very elastic and feels cool and fresh.

The fact hat SENSAIR controls the skin’s microclimate makes it ideal in the following cases:

  • Exposure to heat and excessive sweating.
  • For rough skin, itching, skin irritation and psoriasis.
  • If you sleep badly due to pregnancy or menopause.
  • For back pain.
  • For skin care and comfort to move after radiation or chemo.
  • When feeling pain or stiffness.
  • With sleep discomfort and skin recovery after surgery.
  • When suffering from rheumatism.
  • For comfort, luxury and wellness.

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